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Why You Should Donate

2017-2018 Annual Campaign

Since 1993, parents, educators, alumni, and other members of the Glendale - River Hills School District community have supported the district Foundation's Annual Campaign in its mission to raise funds to assist the educational endeavors at the Parkway Elementary and Glen Hills Middle schools. In turn, the Foundation has helped enhance our students' learning environment and teaching resources by providing the funding to purchase innovative, cutting-edge educational, social, and recreational items as requested by school administrators and teachers through its grant application process.

Today, state and local tax support does not cover many of the essentials for the operation of effective public schools. It is up to us as a community of proud residents, parents, and believers in public education to assure that the district sustains our high standards for modern, safe, and inspiring schools.

Through the Annual Campaign, your contribution today, whether it is $25 or $250, will tremendously impact the educational experience of many students for many years. That is why any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!
Board of Trustees,
Glendale - River Hills School District Foundation

Tribute Card

Top 10 Reasons to use the Tribute Card Program to recognize a teacher

Your gift...

10. Will always get an “A”in appreciation.

9. Will never be too small or too extravagant.

8. Will always be considered appropriate.

7. Will always be used.

6. Can increase through employer matching.

5. Will be considered creative even if you’re not.

4. May be tax deductible.

3. Can be made from the comfort of your home.

2. Doesn't require wrapping so you’ll save time.

1. Will always benefit your child.

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