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Gifted & Talented

Board Policy For Gifted Students

The Glendale-River Hills School District is committed to the belief that each student has a right to free public education appropriate to his or her special characteristics and needs, and that all youth have a right to educational services which help to develop their potential to the highest level.

Those students who display gifted performance and those who show potential for gifted performance should be identified through established criteria. Educational programs appropriate to their individual characteristics and needs, should be provided. The areas to be considered in the school environment are intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership and psychomotor. The long-range goals of these programs should be self-actualization for the student and a development of a sense of responsibility to self and society.

Adopted: 2/20/89

Identifying the Gifted Student

Multiple pieces of information are used in identifying students with gifts and talents. The identification process includes:
  1. Nominations by teachers, parents, peer, or self
  2. Screening through use of test scores, observation inventories, achievement data, and student profile
  3. Identification by a District Screening Team
Click here to find out more about this process, including how to nominate your child for consideration.

Programming Options

The responsibility for the education of gifted learners is a shared one. Rather than any single gifted program, the Glendale - River Hills School District provides a continuum of programming services matched to the needs of gifted learners.

Opportunities found at Level I are commonly conducted in a classroom environment. Level II focuses on more in-depth and extensive learning experiences. Level III is intended for students whose learning needs require an individual plan. These needs are so exceptional that both in- and out-of school resources are essential.

Differentiation of Curriculum and Instruction

The major focus of the K-8 gifted and talented program in the Glendale-River Hills School District is to infuse differentiated instructional strategies into the regular classroom curriculum so that all students can benefit.

Differentiation for gifted students combines the curricular strategies of enrichment and acceleration and provides flexibility and diversity. Appropriate differentiation allows for increasing levels of advanced, abstract, and complex curriculum that are substantive and that respond to the learner's needs. The use of such differentiation is essential to maximize the educational experience of gifted and talented students.

The Pyramid Model of programming shows how the district provides a continuum of services to identified students at Levels I, II and III. Within each of these levels are options to meet students' needs.