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Food Service


As part of the government's response to the Coronavirus pandemic, they have decided to offer free meals to all students until the end of the year or until funds run out, whichever comes first. Glendale River Hills School District is offering a convenient way to sign up for this benefit. Aramark, your new food service provider, has created a Google Form to make it easy to order. Sign up for meals for the following week by Friday before 9am to participate in this offering for your child.  If you have any questions, please email meagan.maritato@glendale.k12.wi.us .

Click here to use THE VIRTUAL MEALS ORDER FORM  to order 7 days of meals on days when instruction is taking place virtually, and indicate date and time of pickup. 

· Meal pickup will be on MONDAY between 3 to 4pm. There will be no noon pick up starting March 8, 2021.

· Please remember, 1 form is needed per student per week

· Sign up prior to 9am on Fridays for meal pack orders the following week

· Some meals will require preparation before consumption

· In the future, the form will be available on Wednesdays to sign up for the following week lunch pickup.

Contact us at (414)748-3907 or meagan.maritato@glendale.k12.wi.us