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Free or Reduced Lunch

Free or Reduced Price Lunches

Parents who think they may be eligible for participation in the Free or Reduced Lunch Program can submit an application anytime throughout the year at any school or the district office. Strict confidentiality is assured with this system.

If you qualify, your application will be valid through the school year and must be resubmitted EVERY August.

This program provides per day, one lunch that includes one milk. Lunch prices for the 2020-21 school year, are: Parkway $2.55 – Glen Hills $2.60 Tier 1 / $3.60 Tier 2.Individual milks or food items are at your expense but will not be available for purchase until you have given the school permission to make this option available to your child and have deposited money in your account to cover purchases.

If you would like to apply for Free/Reduced Lunch, please return the following form:
2020-21-FREE/REDUCED Application Form.pdf

Information on Free/Reduced Lunch: 
2020-21 FREE/REDUCED FAQ.pdf

If you need printed copies of these forms please call the District office.