Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the mission of the Foundation?
A: TheGlendale - River Hills School District Foundation is a non-profit,tax-exempt, volunteer organization formed by friends and supporters ofthe School District. The Foundation's primary functions are to raise andchannel charitable contributions from a variety of sources to theSchool District for initiatives that measurably enhance and supplementthe educational experience of students in the District.

Q: I pay thousands in property taxes. Why should I give more to the schools?
A:Property taxes are a relatively fixed source of revenue for thedistrict, but not its only source. At best, they provide sufficientfunds to allow the district to meet its minimum obligations to thepublic. The Foundation is one of several alternate sources of fundingand resources that help the district provide a superior and morewell-rounded educational experience.

Q: I already give to the PTO. Why should I give to the Foundation?
A: Themissions of the PTO and Foundation are different. The PTO providesnetworking opportunities for parents and teachers, and supports manygeneral, tactical projects. The Foundation supports targeted funding andlong-term School District initiatives, like the renovation of the GlenHills Science Lab and the new piano lab.

Q: How do I know how the money will be spent?
A: Foundationmeetings are open to the public and requests for funding are evaluatedby a grant allocation committee. Requests for funding must be sponsoredby a teacher or administrator currently employed in the school district.The Foundation encourages parents and other stakeholders to becomeinvolved in researching, developing and proposing educationalinitiatives.

Q: What is the relationship between the Foundation and the School District?
TheFoundation's governing body is comprised of volunteer trusteesrepresenting school business partners, city government, city governmentand the community at large who share a commitment to excellence ineducation. While the Foundation works in partnership with SchoolDistrict elected representatives, school administrators, teachers andothers, it is a wholly independent organization that appoints its owntrustees, determines rules and procedures, and chooses which initiativesto support.

Q: Who administers the Foundation funds?
The Foundation Board of Trustees.

Q: What is the Foundation's financial goal?
A:Financial goals are determined annually and supported by three mainfundraising events: Fall Walk/Run Event, Almost Spring Fling, and theAnnual Campaign. The financial goals are periodically reviewed andadjusted as necessary.

Q: Are contributions tax-deductible?

A:The Foundation is a public, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3)organization established to serve as a conduit to channel charitablecontributions from the community to the GRH School District.

Q: How are the Foundation board members selected?
FoundationTrustees are members of the community and local businesses. Personsinterested in becoming a Board member are invited to complete anapplication. The application is then reviewed by the Board and theapplicant is interviewed. The Board then votes on the approval. ElectedTrustees serve a three year term.