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Homework in 6th Grade


Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits; for these reasons, the 6th grade team believes that homework is an essential part of every child’s learning experience.

Homework is not new learning and should enhance what the student has been working on in class. However, homework incorporates a wider definition than most students realize. It includes the completion of work not finished in class, completion of daily assignments, review of concepts taught that day, reading, work on long-term projects, and studying for upcoming quizzes/tests.

Most students with failing grades are not adequately completing homework assignments and studying. Therefore, we recommend that all students schedule a regular routine for completing homework. On average, students should anticipate having 45-60 minutes of homework daily in their academic classes. Band or orchestra students are expected to practice for an additional amount of time daily.

Homework- Late Policy:
Homework will be accepted late until the unit or test is completed. A minimum of half credit will be given for the assignment.
Long term projects will be accepted late at a minimum penalty of 10% off per late day.

Homework- Absent Policy:
In absences that are excused, the student is expected to make up work in the time allotted which is equal to the number of days missed without consequence.


Homework Expectations and Responsibilities:

Responsibilities of Students 

Responsibilities of Parents

Responsibilities of Teachers

 Write down all homework assignments in assignment notebook before leaving class.  If no homework is assigned, students should write in what was covered in class.  Check student’s assignment notebook daily and/or school website for assignments.  Plan homework related to classroom objectives.  State homework clearly in written and oral form.
 Take homework assignments home along with necessary materials. Arrange a quiet time and study area including proper lighting.  Help your child arrange his/her papers for return to school the next day.    Check and review homework assignments with students
 Be prepared to spend on average 45-60 minutes daily on homework assignments and studying or reading.  If your child is not doing work at home contact his/her teachers to make sure that work is being completed. Make clear homework policies and expectations for all assignments.