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Posted on 07/27/2020

A decision was made at the July 28th School Board Meeting that the 2020-21 school year will start virtually. A reopening presentation was given at the August 5th Special Board Meeting. Click the link below for the presentation.

Reopening Presentation - August 5th Board Meeting

As the Glendale-River Hills School District plans for the start of the 2020-21 school year, we are committed to ensuring all students have access to a high-quality educational experience while doing our best to keep our staff, students and families physically healthy. There is nothing we want more than to have students and staff on campus in person, but we must develop a plan that is flexible given the uncertainties of the upcoming school year.

Our District webpage will host the updates related to the reopening of our school. You will find information on potential school schedule changes, cleaning protocols in our buildings, health and safety measures, and more. We encourage you to continue to reference our web page for the most up-to-date information on the District’s 2020-2021 plans.

This plan is not yet finalized. Thank you for your patience as we are continually revising and refining our plans to best meet the needs of our community.

Please know we will continue to prioritize timely, informative updates to our families, staff and community members in these uncertain times. As the school year evolves, we ask that you remain flexible and understanding as we make any necessary adjustments to best serve our students and families.

Return to School Scenarios

We are developing a range of instructional options for fall:

Scenario #1:  Face-to-face instruction will be held at each school and will follow established calendars and school schedules.

• The traditional setting may look a little different as we put in proactive measures to support keeping students and staff healthy.

• Anticipated changes include spacing of work areas, attention to group sizes and interactions, sanitizer in every room, and increased attention to cleaning and sanitizing practices.

• Student supply lists will be posted on the district and school websites.

• In this scenario, a remote-only learning option will be available for families who do not feel comfortable having their students return to school.

Scenario #2: Full-time virtual instruction for all students.

• This is a newly-expanded instructional option and differs from what students experienced last spring through emergency distance learning.

• The program is a rigorous instructional option that provides students with access to all course offerings.

• More information will be added to our website regarding this option as we finalize our plans.

Scenario #3:  Blended model:  This model can have many formats. One example is:

• Students could split their time between in-school and remote learning.

• One scenario could be, we would schedule A days and B days, dividing students into A and B groups. Half our students would attend in-person classes on A days, while the other half – the B group – would learn remotely. The roles would then flip on B days and the B group would attend in-person classes and the A group would learn remotely.

• Another example: Students could be in person, kindergarten through 5th grade and 6th-8th grade on an A/B schedule.

• A third example: Students could have A/B weeks. A week, half students in person, half students virtual. B weeks, the students could switch.

• In this scenario, a remote-only learning option will be available for families who do not feel comfortable having their students return to school.

Re-Opening Committee Presentations


DAY 1: July 20th
Health & Safety Committee.pdf
Social-Emotional Committee.pdf   Social Emotional Committee Notes.rtf
Instruction Working Group.pdf
  Agenda for Instructional Working Group.pdf 

DAY 2: July 21st
Health & Safety Committee 2.pdf
Health & Safety Notes 2.pdf
Social-Emotional Committee 2.pdf    Social Emotional Committee Notes 2.rtf 
Instruction Working Group 2.pdf    Agenda for Instructional Working Group 2.rtf
DAY 3: July 23rd
Health & Safety Committee 3.pdf
Health & Safety Notes 3.pdf
Social-Emotional Committee 3.pdf    Social Emotional Committee Notes 3.rtf 
Instruction Working Group .pdf    Agenda for Instructional Working Group 3.rtf 

Important Contacts

Larry Smalley
414-351-7170 ext. 2103
Shannon Kilton
Director of Educational Services
414-351-7170 ext. 2194
Jim Beckmann
Operations Director
351-7170 ext. 2116
Jennica Westfahl
Director of Teaching & Learning
414-351-7170 ext. 2016
Nasif Rogers
Glen Hills Principal
414-351-7160 ext. 2112 
Shari Tucker
Glen Hills Associate Principal
414-351-7160 ext. 2139
Haydee Smith
Parkway Principal
414-351-7190 ext. 2002
Mallory Umar
Parkway Associate Principal
414-351-7190 ext. 2007
Rosey Teays
Business Manager
414-351-7170 ext. 2018

For School Board information and contacts click HERE.